In late 2005, we called Rebecca to help with a "flow" challenge we had with our house. Our house, which is almost 100 years old, had a smallish kitchen that was isolated from the rest of the house and that had steps that flowed right past the busiest part of the kitchen, the stove and the sink. Having lived in the house for almost 5 years the flow bothered us from the beginning, but having a toddler was what finally set us over the edge and caused us to seek out an architect.

We were introduced to Rebecca through a mutual friend. From the start, Rebecca and I hit it off – she understood the "flow" problem, listened to my ideas about what I would like to see changed, and immediately came up with impactful solutions that were aligned with my design sensibilities and also cared for the existing chaacter of the house.. She and I had similar design sensibilities and she had a very collaborative process. Being a working mom, with very little time to spare, it was important to me to have an architect who could take my input and run with it. My husband, while mostly agreeable with the choices Rebecca and I made, had a very specific opinion on the new sound/audio system he wanted installed. Rebecca was able to bring in a colleague who, like Rebecca, immediately "got" what we wanted.

Overall, working with Rebecca was just a wonderful experience.



Gothic Revival

Building an addition to your house is a scary and overwhelming process, full of uncertainty, risks and leaps of faith. Thankfully we had Rebecca and her team at Gelman Architecture helping us at every stage of the process: from discussing concepts, finalizing designs and plans, choosing a contractor, researching and sourcing every imaginable interior portion of the project, to helping to manage and watch over the construction process (the weekly meetings with Rebecca and the contractor were essential to a great outcome!).

We had little experience in such a major home construcion project (an addition of a Kitchen, Mud Room, Rear Porch, Master Bedroom and Bath). As a result, the services we received from Rebecca are best described as "peace of mind". We always knew we had a professional involved at every stage to make sure things were on track or to provide advice. With Gelman Architecture you will not simply get plans and then be left on your own to implement them; Rebecca is with you at every step, helping with everything from the design and construction plans to the type of pulls for a particular cabinet!

For our project, Rebecca spent many months working with us patiently in an effort to get our plans and designs just perfect. Our scope of the project changed (and changed again!), and so did the budget; however, Rebecca reasonably accommodated these changes.

While Rebecca absolutely has her own terrific design sense and aesthetic, she always listened to us. She incorporated our many ideas into her design seemlessy, helping to create exactly what we wanted.

Most importantly, everybody at Gelman genuinely cared about our project and it successful outcome. As a result, Rebecca and her team always went the extra mile to make sure that every last detail made it into the Plans so that there were no surprises in construction. And when there were surprise issues (and there always are!), she was there to help come up with a solution.

And finally, Rebecca is a terrifc person, with a calm and friendly personality. Which is what you need in the storm of construction!

Thanks to everyone at Gelman Architecture.
Patrick & John


Grand Colonial

We chose to work with Gelman Architecture because Rebecca was genuinely excited and enthusiastic about taking on our project and meeting our design goals. She had a definite vision for the project but was very flexible about incorporating our ideas. We found her to be both professional and well qualified.

Rebecca's involvement in our project was extensive. Not only did she arrange and attend weekly meetings with the contractor and us to discuss progress on project, she was also frequently present on site to check on the construction answer any questions.

The final outcome of our project is breathtaking and we continue to find new and unique ways to utilize the space that has been created with Rebecca's design. She comes highly recommended.



Hi Rebecca,

I also forgot, simply, to say thank you.

After all the ups and downs, in fact everything you planned for us worked out perfectly. I was not sure the whole gallery thing -- lighting up our walls with so many lights -- would work, but in fact you were right.

So really, thanks again.



Brooklyn Historic Brownstone

We were initially attracted to Gelman Architecture LLC because Rebecca is detail oriented, professional, knowledgeable and resourceful. She conveyed a genuine concern for meeting our goals. Her willingness to work within our budgetary constraints was greatly appreciated.

She has absolutely bent over backwards to please us. She recognized that this project is our dream house. She painstakingly examined every aspect of the project to ensure that it stayed on budget, without compromising our goals. Her final design exceeded our expectations. Rebecca really listened to us and then interpreted our desires into a design that stayed within budget.

Rebecca is clearly passionate about her profession. It is reflected in every aspect of her work, incuding presentation materials, attention to detail and endless follow ups. It was really nice to work with someone willing to put her ego aside and deliver a product that reflects us rather than someone else's view.

- Lisa G.


Custom Furniture

The media center and display system Rebecca designed for us is a perfect fit for our house. The lines are unusual, but not obtrusive the materials and the construction are outstanding. The flexible display spaces are perfect for our glass and ceramic pieces.

The complementary cabinet that houses audio/video equipment keeps those necessities convenient but not dominant in the room. We enjoyed every minute of the design project, from her careful analysis of the possibilities and problems of the room to the final flawless installation of the system.

- Leslie and Michael M.


Colonial House Addition

Rebecca was an ideal architect for our project. We were inexperienced when it came to design and construction, but Rebecca was patient with us and took the time to explain everything and did extra research when necessary. She worked closely with us designing our addition, incorporating our feedback until the design met our needs. Her design included everything from the layout of the room, to the unusual windows, to the built-in cabinetry, to the lighting. We are extremely happy with the final product!

We appreciated Rebecca's involvement in the project, making trips to village hall to file the appropriate documentation, helping us find a contractor, suggesting colors and stains, and visiting the project regularly for the duration. When the project hit a snag, Rebecca worked as hard as she could to make sure everything worked out (and it did). She was always available via phone or e-mail.

If we ever decide to do another project, we would not hesitate to call upon Rebecca's expertise again.

- Miriam


Master Suite with a View

The third floor of our house originally contained two rooms, one a very modest fourth bedroom, the other unimproved attic space. Our goal was to create a master suite. Ms. Gelman brilliantly captured our general ideas with very pleasing and functional designs for both rooms. Her innovations included a low wall in the bedroom that actually made the room seem larger, and a beautifully designed double stall shower surrounded by glass in the oversized bathroom. She used beams set in geometric patterns on the ceilings that give both rooms a unified flow, solving the issue of varying room heights. Closet and storage space has been maximized without compromising usable space. Very impressive designs.

- Marc

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