Headshot Rebecca Josephine Gelman has worked all over the world in the fields of design and architecture, drawing inspiration from her projects in Israel, Hong Kong, Italy, New York, San Francisco. In the corporate world, Rebecca has created environments that impress visitors and redefine conventionality, while offering a comfortable and productive work environment.

She has worked alongside the founders of the famous "Super" studio in Florence, designed her own furniture collection, worked independently for fortune 500 companies, and most recently served as a lead designer and project architect at the renowned Gensler, American Institute of Architecture firm of the year in 2000, where she was responsible for every aspects of major projects for internet providers Bridgepoint and Teleglobe, and for investment banks Morgan Stanley and Chase. She has also worked with Fernau & Hartman, the prominent San Francisco Architects of single family homes and at TIECCO, an international engineering firm in Rome, and with Cristiano Toraldo Di Francia in Florence.

In Jerusalem, she was the representative of Arch. Stanley Field, working to forward the construction of a synagogue.

In Hong Kong she worked as a project manager overseeing a team of 20 contractors, engineers and interior designers, for a large Chinese-owned firm. While in China, she designed and built projects including luxury clubhouses, housing towers, single family homes and golf ranges.

In 2001 she turned her focus to residential in an effort to be closer to the construction process and to work more directly with the client. She has since setting up her own studio in South Orange, New Jersey she has focused entirely on historic renovations and additions in Maplewood/South Orange. She has completed artful additions that are in keeping with the existing home but which push the envelope of the expected. She is a licensed architect in New York and New Jersey.

Headshot “ The relationship between an architect and the client is a very intimate one, I enjoy working with the client one-on-one, as well I like working with the contractors and the tradesmen. There is a great deal of talent in this arena, it is a matter of finding the general contractor or tradesperson to match the design and temperament of each project. When doing a renovation or addition it is a major disruption to people’s lives, I get the opportunity to see people during what might be one of the most stressful times of their lives, they are spending large sums of money, their houses are being upended and they have tradesmen in their homes all day long so there is a lack of privacy. I hope that in helping to assist to guide the client in matters of construction, I am making that process less formidable.”

Rebecca received her B.A. from Beloit College in Wisconsin and her M. Arch. from University of California at Berkeley. She was a dual recipient of the Regents Scholarship and the FLAS Foreign Language Area Studies scholarships.