Gelman was responsible for many of the prominent public spaces which present a public image of the company, the reception, auditorium, corporate boardroom and the Executive Boardroom. Many of the individual pieces were custom built to reflect the wishes of the CEO. Gelman collaborated directly with the CEO and his wife, bringing his ideas to life. The original design concept was based upon the client's love of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, his favor of the use of bold color and art deco lines. His companies business philosophy "Creating a fun, enthusiastic, showcase environment that inspires individual involvement and development."

This showcase environment was laid in the hands of the Architect and Designer as being of utmost importance, this client understood the connection between environment, employee happiness and ultimately their productivity. The use of pleasing colors, work stations that did not isolate the individuals and a democratic atmosphere and spaces for relaxation and informal gathering were important to the design. The large reception desk was built by Italian Artisans and imported in a container along with many of the feature pieces in reception and the board room. Lighting was sourced locally with the input of the CEO and his wife.