Eras Meet in Innovative Exhibit of Furniture & Fine Arts, Ann Arbor News, Aug. 1999

Art Opening Review: Ann Arbor News, John Carlos Cantu

Two Artists Nod to Past, Then Transcend It

"...Gelman's furniture reflects this architect's interest in unique modernist designs. She borrows from the symmetry of modernism-by present sensibilities a form of classicism-and applies a touch of minimalist tapering to create furniture that's both functional and fashionable. Gelman's knee-high " Rapids Canoa" coffee table takes its inspiration from the Eames Brothers' 1950s Formica tear-shaped design but is rendered in an oval shaped from Italian Cherry wood with an aluminum base with inlaid glass."

"A reverence for modernism is also found in Gelman's kidney shaped copper laminate "counterpoint" statue stands. And her seven-foot "Totem" bookcase gives a foot of shelf space on each of its seven shelves. Her "nuvola" computer desk on wheels echoes famed Italian designer Carlo Molino's early 1950's "Arabesco" table with its bent surface, suggestive of vertebrae."

"Each piece by these artists evokes a rich understanding of art history and a singular way of looking at the future of her art form. Rarely do yesterday, today and tomorrow conjoin with such fluidity."