Rebecca served as project architect coordinating a team of interior designers, mechanical ngineers and structural engineers in construction of the mega-clubhouse. The clubhouse holds a basketball court, 5 racquetball courts, an olympic size swimming pool, a free form outdoor pool, a Chinese restaurant, a western restaurant, an oyster bar, a karaoke club with private karaoke rooms, an indoor golf driving range, a fitness club and a meeting facility. At the perimeter of the clubhouse the firm was involved with construction of the schools and light rails that would anchor the town and connect it to the outside world.

The Villas were five forty story condominiums which Gelman was also responsible for supervising the construction of. The firm was involved in various competitions including a winning entry for a Freight Forwarding Terminal that was to allow for trucks to enter into the various floors to unload. It was to be the most ambitious project ever done for a freight-forwarding terminal in the world.