Rebecca served as project architect with one of the foremost offices of architecture in Hong Kong Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man, known for its design of Central Plaza and The Hong Kong Convention Center. She served as project manager for Kingswood Villas Clubhouse and Condominiums. A project involving construction of a city from the ground up in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The firm was in the process of building the luxury clubhouse which would serve to entice residents to relocate who would be commuting the three hours to Hong Kong and back each day. The clubhouse was designed to provide the sense that one was on vacation complete with a full sized sailing boat bar and an oyster bar.

Her work in Hong Kong was a challenge due to the need to communicate with subcontractors who spoke only Cantonese and other complications such as the chinese gangs stealing building materials from the buildings and actual act of physical aggression against the project team. Rebecca spent all time on the project being accompanied by a contractor to protect her from physical harm due to the fact that one of the engineers had been hit over the head with a steel beam.