The program requirements included creation of a new unisex bathroom, updating the existing men's bathroom, provision of private offices, a galley kitchen and a conference room. Gelman intuited a certain symbiotic and dynamic cooperation between the various team members working in the individual offices, they would need to meet in a spontaneous manner to exchange information throughout the day. Thus the "think tank" space was conceived to allow for an informal exchange of ideas while standing in what would normally be a narrow hallway between offices. This no-man's land was widened, allowing it to take on a form and become a conduit for interaction, while also serving as a privacy filter from the reception area. The ceilings of the entire space are exposed to reveal the concrete pan ceilings above heightening visual interest. The client holds an extensive art collection of modern art glass and Native American art and Asian art, these needed to find a medium which would allow them to coexist and find harmony in their space. The Architect found herself needing to both curator and form giver.