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A number of different schemes were developed as alternatives for the kitchen. The process of developing the design was a collaborative one between the client and the architect. The design developed out of the needs of the client, both busy professionals with kids they described that much of their family time was spent while preparing dinner, with one person in the kitchen and kids sitting at what had been a very narrow bar.

In order to accomplish having a clear view into the kitchen the Architect suggested removing the wall and placing an asymmetrical island in its place. The client, convinced that the most adventurous scheme was the best opted for this scheme. The client chose this alternative with some trepidation that would feel like they were sitting in what was the hallway. The architect assured them that was the wall was removed they would feel they were sitting in the kitchen.

The Master Bath: Was also a very small space totaling 4-0” by 11-0”. A custom shower enclosure, vanity and medicine cabinet made the use of the long and narrow space.